It's Brickness as Usual this Christmas!

It's Brickness as Usual this Christmas!

You’ve probably seen a lot of Christmas Opening Hours published recently; the staff at companies large, small and somewhere in between, are making sure everyone knows the last date and time they’re open in order to avoid any disappointment. They also want to be sure that their holiday proceeds smoothly too, as everyone is looking forward to the time so they can spend it with friends, family, food and PRESENTS! YAY!

If you wanted to keep track of all of these different opening days and times throughout the Christmas period, then you’d spend this week with your nose buried in your phone’s diary and calendar (some of you might still even have those items in the real world!). It would be a thankless task and a simple slip-up could mean you don't get the service you need.

Now you’re waiting for us to tell you OUR Christmas Opening Hours, right? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to do, except you’re not going to have to add any more to your calendar, either online or hung on the wall. So here goes…

Quite simply, it's BUSINESS AS USUAL AT BRICK! That doesn’t mean we won’t be spending some quality time with our own families and friends away from the office, but we WILL be available as usual 24/7 right through the festive period, to offer you the support that you need. So there won’t be any worries that there’s anything wrong with your website during what is, for many, the most important time of the year.

You’ll know as a Brick client that it’s extremely rare to have any issues with any aspect of your site. If there have been, then you’ll know just how fast we are at identifying and rectifying it to your satisfaction.

Murphy’s Law (to give it’s decorous title!) would almost certainly try to coincide any problems with Christmas and new Year, when it’s notoriously difficult to get in touch with someone authoritative.; it's the time of year your new, factory-perfect boiler breaks down or your fridge suddenly gives up the ghost just, when you've filled it with Xmas food. You won’t have any worries on that score when it comes to your website though, so even if Murphy rises to our challenge, it will quickly back down in the face of our expert knowledge!

SO, how do you get this support? Call us on direct phone at any time of the day or night; the number is 01254 27719. Or you could send us an email at the address If you’re a CC Devotee (and why wouldn’t you be with our CMS3?!) then you don’t even have to leave, simply raise a support ticket in theatre and our magic elves will get right on it and in the /cc a support ticket can be submitted.

Have a fab, fun and friendly Christmas and New Year from everyone at Brick. We might even be able to wish you the same on the big day itself; it all depends on Murphy’s Law! Recap on your contact options on the following link.

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