Is Internet Marketing Just One Big Headache?

You do not need us to tell you that there is absolutely no point in having a web design for your company if you do not advertise and market it properly and make people aware of your website.

Internet marketing is perhaps one of the most important factors when creating an online presence but it is something which many people do not know anything about or even how to go about it. It is for that reason alone why so many people choose to use professional internet marketing services but be warned there are some “professionals” who are just as clueless as you are!

Although there has been countless suggestions about what makes internet marketing successful and this can often be confusing there is no need for it to stress you out and give you a headache.

Brick technology is highly experienced within the field of internet marketing and our team can work with you to make your website a success. We have had over twenty years experience within the web design industry and because all of our services are integrated it means that they work together to the same goal and thus are more of a success than if you were to outsource the various services to numerous companies.

So how can you really be successful with internet marketing?

The unwritten rule is that at the moment content is king and thus you need to ensure that your website is up to date with fresh, exciting and most importantly engaging content which will make visitors want to keep coming back.

It is all well and good writing reams and reams of content and keeping the site up to date with content and through Latest News however, what you need to do is monitor the impact of the content you are producing so that you can see what works and what doesn’t work. Brick technology are one of very few web design companies who employ an editor as part of our internet marketing team to focus solely on writing content which will have an impact.

Taking about monitoring further, when you embark on your internet marketing mission you need to too keep an eye on this and see what is having an effect and what isn’t. This can often be hard as more often than not there is so much data at a company’s disposal through Google Analytics and website stats that is becomes unmanageable and therefore useless.

This is the case for many companies but it isn’t the case when you’re an internet marketing client at Brick technology. We analyse all the statistics for you on a monthly basis and then invite you in for an internet marketing review meeting to walk you through step by step what has been happening since the last month. This way our clients can see exactly what is working for them and what isn’t in regards to internet marketing techniques.

We have a number of internet marketing solutions to suit a range of budgets and goals. Why not speak to us today about how we can effectively manage your internet marketing strategy as well as your web design.

For more information and to discuss this further then please contact Hayley on 01254 277190 or email

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