Internet Safety Determines Industry Future

Feeling safe on the internet is something which would seem to be in place. Google have stated though that its future will depend on the continuation of users feeling safe online.

It is for this exact reason that Google are launching a campaign in order to increase awareness of threats online. Working in partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau it will go right from the basics of picking a password which is more secure than a standard one to detecting scam emails and using two factor authentication.

This is all in the beginning but in the future they may look at what happens to people’s data and how people use it. There will be a small information booklet which will touch on the way search information is used to sell advertising. On a larger scale though there will be poster campaigns which will focus on problems within the industry.

Google have said this is perhaps one of the more important campaigns to them as their whole future will be resting on whether or not people feel safe online, safe enough to continue going online and using the internet.

Users of the internet had already been made to feel nervous when Google launched StreetView. It was a complicated product for them to launch and many privacy protections were put in place which made it okay for the StreetView to go live.

The campaign has been named “Good to Know” and as mentioned above will focus on choosing a strong password, recognising phishing emails, understanding secure websites, signing out of online accounts properly and using two factor authentication for services such as your emails.

Google have chosen a series of cartoons in order to simplify the sometimes complicated issues. The problem that Google find is that people are not asking the questions which they need answers too regarding internet safety and through the tips provided from Google they are hoping that it will inspire them and instigate them to want to know more and to speak up.

Brick technology web design in Lancashire holds many workshops which cover items such as safety issues online and choosing a suitable password which will be secure. We also hold a number of workshops which cover items such as internet marketing, media production and web development.

If our industry is to continue then we need to ensure that people have the knowledge to want to be online whether it is through an e-commerce website, brochure website or simply through a starter website just so they have their foot in the online door.

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