Internet Marketing on a Global Scale

The internet allows businesses to extend globally, opening massive potential markets. Although clearly an exciting prospect, the process of achieving such growth must be carefully handled.

When developing a website design intended for use by customers from another country, several considerations must be made. The first and perhaps most important aspect to consider is providing content in a choice of languages, particularly the native tongue of the country the website will be accessed from. Although English is widely used across the internet, it has been shown that customers almost always prefer to access a website that is written in their own language when purchasing goods and services online. Offering a choice of language, as well as having practical benefits, gives users a sense of trust and shows them that the business is prepared to go the extra mile to make sure customers are satisfied with the online experience.

The price of goods and services, when displayed on a website intended to be accessed from outside of the UK, should always be in the local currency. With so much competition in the online shopping environment, potential buyers who find products priced in GBP and must therefore calculate the local currency price themselves will almost certainly decide not to bother and simply find another provider instead. Providing pricing displays in the local currency is clearly essential, as well as a secure online checkout that will automatically complete the conversion process.

Many Brickweb internet marketing clients enjoy the increased revenue provided by opening their internet business to the global market. As superior providers of a diverse and comprehensive range of internet marketing solutions, we create and maintain desktop and mobile websites with multi-currency and language support designed to offer users from outside of the UK a seamless shopping experience. Please browse our extensive list of clients to experience for yourself the world-class design, technology and creativity provided by our experienced web development team.

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