Internet Marketing and No Content Variety

If you’re an online business and in the race for those number one positions for your keywords and phrases then you will know just how important content is for your internet marketing strategy. However, you can update your website up through regular content updates but what if there is no content variety?

There needs to be a level of consistency when you carry out content updates on a website. For instance we cannot have say 8 news stories put on in a day and then none for a month. You should aim ideally for two high quality news stories per week but the more you have the better it is and in addition you should be updating site pages too.

But is it just in news items whereby you should update the content of the site? The answer is no because there are many different types of people on this planet and we all consume information in different ways which is why it is important that information on your site is provided in a number of different ways. If it isn’t then you are limiting the reach of your content to people who like to receive information in the particular way you have chosen to deliver it.

Variety is the key solution to this problem and so you really need to place focus on content variety as this could really help. Keeping content fresh is one thing but keeping it varied is a whole new kettle of fish. Brick technology web design in Lancashire presents to you our ideas on items which you can use in order to keep your latest news fresh but varied:

  • Text-Based Copy
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Audio
  • Cartoons
  • Infographics
  • Guest News Items from other industry experts
  • Questions and Answers
  • Videos
  • Personal news from say inside the business like promotions, weddings, engagements and new arrivals

These are just a few which you can use and it is very important because otherwise you will fail to encourage engagement and conversation. Your latest news acts as a platform for visitors to your site to engage with you, interact and gain information.

Imagine being at a party; we have all been there were you get that one person who just talks about themselves and suffocates any other forms of conversation and engagement and it is extremely annoying! Latest news and blogging is the same you need to ensure that you encourage engagement and conversation. Keep it fresh but keep it exciting, varied and engaging.

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