Internet Marketing & Digital Advertising - IAB's 'Call to Action'

Internet Marketing & Digital Advertising - IAB's 'Call to Action'

With the intention of focusing attention and energy on the ‘mounting criticism’ of the digital advertising and internet marketing sector, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has issued a ‘call to action’. This comprises a set of five statements issued by the organisation, each designed to set out a ‘concise industry position’, setting goals and demonstrating how they are being addressed.

As automated technology and data take on an ever-increasing role for e-commerce websites trading online, verification of the quality, relevance and safety of mobile advertising comes under closer scrutiny. Whether it is issues with device compatibility, possible fraud, brand safety or online privacy, problems with online ads and marketing are common and, according to the UK’S Chief Executive of the IAB, Guy Philipson, it is time to ‘turn up the volume’ on the progress it has already made, tackling global digital advertising issues ‘in collaboration with partner trade bodies and technology vendors’.

The five statements of the IAB in relation to digital advertising and internet marketing demonstrate the organisation’s belief in:

  • Brand Safety - To protect the reputation and integrity of brands while stifling copyright-infringing content and services by maintaining carefully-implemented processes to ensure a ‘safe environment’ for online trading

  • Ad Viewability - The IAB will work with accredited technology partners across the industry, developing standards across the board and achieving the most effective levels of engagements, viewability and attention for advertising campaigns online

  • Reducing Ad Fraud - By issuing practical, relevant and competent advice while devising technological solutions, the IAB seek to stamp out this worrying problem

  • An Ad-Funded Internet - The blocking of ads undermines the objective of helping brands to reach their audience and deprives publishers of the revenue necessary to continue making content widely available; the IAB does not support this approach

  • Online Privacy - Together with their global network of industry partners, the IAB work to ensure the public enjoy complete transparency of advertisers, controlling and limiting collected information to direct more effective advertising campaigns

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