Internet Marketing Activities Need To Work Harmoniously

It has been suggested that in order to increase conversions from any online campaigns then businesses need to integrate TV ads with any internet marketing activities for conversions to be successful.

This result was found when 2000 UK consumers visited a website after viewing an advert on TV. Advertisements in magazines and newspapers are responsible for driving 61% and 59% to a particular company’s website.

Our team at Brick technology web design has always told our customers about the importance of ensuring all marketing activities lead to the same goal and are working together in harmony.

We have suggested too many customers that they should get customers to recommend them or leave comments and suggestions following the customer using a company’s products or services. Based on recommendations from other online users a total of 62% went on to purchase a product or service and 73% of those surveyed said that recommendations had more impact on their decision to purchase or not than any other internet content.

Within the early stages of web design it is important that mobile optimisation and optimisation of the website for smart TV is taken into account. With many new devices being brought into the market you want your website to appear on all of these without them malfunctioning or looking distorted.

At Brick technology our websites are compatible across a number of platforms and are visible on mobile devices. This is important because mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. Now consumers want a link between everything they own; they want to ease of having everything they want and need on whatever device they are choosing to use.

If all these activities and aspects are not working towards the same goal then they are jumbled and this can lead the visitor astray and to click off your website. When they do all work together in harmony then great results can be achieved and fantastic conversion rates can be achieved.

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