International Web Development from Brick Technology

International Web Development from Brick Technology

All eyes are currently all focused on Russia as the World Cup continues to deliver thrills and excitement to the watching world. The ecstasy of the winners and the agony of the losers increases with each match as more and more countries crash out of the competition, with everyone hoping that their own country will hang on in there and eventually win the final next month.

Though we here at Brick Technology of course want to see the trophy come home to England, there could well be Brick employees celebrating elsewhere in the world too, as we have offices in the Ukraine, France, the USA and Canada. This international presence is an important aspect of our work, with clients in all of those countries and more benefiting from their experience with Brick Technology.

One of our international clients is Bridal Fabrics, a business that was established over 80 years ago in 1932. As its name suggests, the company supply wedding fabrics in thousands of styles, sourced from countries across the globe including France, Italy,­ India, China, the UK, Turkey and Germany. As the business has grown and developed, it has moved onto an international level itself, with the help of Brick Technology.

The Bridal Fabrics website now has a Canadian, French and American version as well as the original UK site. This means that we have had to use different languages according to the country; multilingual websites are one of Brick Technology's most important specialities.

It's essential to get translation correct and so we use the services of the most talented translators in the business. Attention to detail is essential, even when 'translating' standard English into American English; all of our blog articles and product descriptions are carefully checked to make sure that, for example, 'favourite' becomes 'favorite'! Such details can make all the difference.

To find out more about our multilingual web development services, get in touch with us today. We also invite you to visit the various Bridal Fabrics websites to see for yourself how important language really is.

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