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It is not enough for a business to merely offer its products and services for purchase online; marketing is also an incredibly important aspect of generating revenue. A business with a poor internet marketing strategy is likely to lose custom to more savvy companies with strong campaigns and strategies designed to make the online experience as comprehensive as possible for their customers.

Each company is unique and must therefore have a unique internet marketing strategy. This personalised approach is one of the aspects of Brickweb that make us stand out in the crowded web development market and has helped with our successful track record. One of our clients recently achieved £1m in sales and another has more than doubled the amount of unique visitors to their website, just two examples of the success that a customised, professional internet marketing strategy can engender.

Research shows that around 65% of website traffic originates from one of the major search engines so an important aspect of internet marketing is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This involves having a strong understanding of the various algorithms employed by search engines and continually adding content to the website that uses targeted key search terms and phrases. By tracking which relevant search terms are currently trending along with realtime visitor statistics, a detailed and accurate picture of the website's potential customers can be created which allows for a consta­ntly-evolving and up-to-date vision. Many Brickweb clients consistently enjoy front page listings on major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing, due to our effective and innovative SEO methodology. As search engine marketing has become the fastest-growing marketing strategy in the world, many new SEO companies are emerging. Unlike Brickweb, who are well established and highly experienced, many web developers use this rapid evolution to their own advantage; Brickweb are committed to providing a clear yet detailed service, avoiding confusion and achieving a professional, cost-effective solution that begins with a free, no-obligation consultation.

The growth of social media over the past few years has led to major changes in internet marketing. Facebook has over a billion users worldwide and Twitter has around half that: clearly this is a vast potential market. Advertising through this medium has many complex aspects but the Brickweb team, with our extensive knowledge of internet marketing techniques, allows our clients to develop a powerful online presence that uses social media to its full advantage. Social Media Optimisation (SMO) grows in importance with the creation of every new Facebook or Twitter account and making sure a business can successfully tap this ever-growing market is one of Brickweb's specialities.

SEO and SMO are both incredibly important aspects of internet marketing though form only part of the comprehensive Brickweb package. Other aspects include detailed analytics, back-linking, press releases, social bookmarking, e-commerce systems, mobile web design, email management, news articles, viral marketing and pay-per-click campaigns. This is not an exhaustive list: Brickweb's client-focused approach embraces many other techniques depending on the unique natures of each company we support.

Brickweb are a premier digital agency offering a full and complete internet marketing service. Combining an array of consultancy services, we consistently achieve a rise in traffic which leads to increased revenue for our clients and our professional team take pride in every aspect of their work.

For more information about Brickweb's internet marketing strategies and to find out how they could help your business to grow and develop, please call 01254 277190 or alternatively email

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