Improve Your Website URL’s

Did you know that structuring your URL’s and improving these will help to convey content information more easily and this process is all part of internet marketing practices at Brick technology.

Creating descriptive categories and filenames for the documents on your website can not only help the organisation of your site but it can also help the search engines to crawl your site better because it creates friendlier URL’s for those that would like to link to your content.

Unfortunately visitors to your web design may become intimidated and confused by long and complicated URL’s which contain very few words in which they can recognise. Ensuring that the URL’s are improved can really help with your overall site structure.

Users will struggle linking or reciting the URL from memory if it is long and complicated. Worse still they may think that part of the URL is unnecessary and leave part of it off and this will break the link. Other users may use the URL as anchor text in say their latest news articles and so if your URL contains relevant words it provides both users and search engines with more information about the page than just a load of gobble-de-gook!

Another very important aspect to bear in mind is that URL’s do appear in the search engine results below the title and snippet. If the user types say “web design Lancashire” then the words on the URL appear in bold if they are in the users search query.

For example: search term “web design Lancashire” and the image below shows http://­www.­ from the image you can see that the web part is highlighted in the URL because it was in the original user search term.


Google will spend the time crawling all types of URL structures but making it simple and to the point for both search engines and users can really help. Use words within your URL which is relevant to your sites content and structure and also use some of your chosen keywords and phrases. Visitors will remember these more and will be willing to link to these more.

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