How Can I Improve My Mobile Website?!

How Can I Improve My Mobile Website?!

Every business suffers from shrinkage and wastage - fancy terms that simply mean that it could always be performing better and saving money! So, how much money is YOUR business wasting each year? A study by credentials company Jumio shows that, in the retail sector, the total figure could be up to £6bn - and that’s just through usability issues with mobile websites. A shocking amount indeed - and one that can easily be reduced…

Smartphone transactions outnumber those from anywhere else and the number of those transactions grows all the time. Despite this saturation, many companies are still not focusing on providing an up-to-date user experience for their mobile customers and it is this that is leading to the lost £6bn every year.

The Jumio Study by Numbers

  • A massive 55% of smartphone users had abandoned at least 1 mobile transaction due to 1 or more problems with the mobile site

  • The most-abandoned transactions were those relating to clothing - over 53% of study participants abandoned such a purchase midway through. This represented 44% of male and 62% of female respondents

  • Fast food and grocery delivery websites are extremely popular though many of these are still not up to scratch - 39% of all transactions made on such studied sites were abandoned due to usability issues

  • Uncertainty about a purchase did play a part in causing abandoned transactions but only 21% of respondents mentioned this factor as opposed to the 68% who mentioned usability problems

  • There were many issues with mobile websites reported, including security concerns, difficulty with small text, unintuitive navigation, complex registration processes and slow loading times - the latter was the worst issue with 32% of respondents abandoning purchases due to having to wait unacceptable lengths of time for websites to load

  • 32% of people, almost a third, never bothered to attempt to complete the transaction at a later date, leading to the shocking amount of lost revenue discovered by Jumio which , of course, only represents those who took part in the study and suggests an even higher total figure

So, how to avoid all of this?  The answer is simple - choose Brick Web Development Company to create a bespoke, expertly-designed mobile website to represent your company online. From providing all the nuts and bolts that make up your website to the continuous optimisation processes that keep it fresh and dynamic, our team can make sure that you get noticed and stay noticed.

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