Google Rollout Their Biggest Homepage Change!

Within the web design industry there is always a constant change occurring and although some of these changes are not necessary it is important that outdated web designs are addressed.

It is now the start of the New Year 2012! There is no better time to start thinking about refreshing your web design and giving it a whole new look! Most recently Google have decided to make their biggest home page change to date and it’s safe to say for those of us who have seen it, it has not gone unnoticed!

Through their new home page change Google has highlighted its other non-core services which it offers as well as replacing the black bar which usually runs along the top of the search homepage with a grey Google logo.

It is this grey logo which once clicked by the user a menu bar appears and runs down the left hand side of the page revealing seven alternative services and an option where users can reveal eight more. The idea behind the new design was to help to promote the business without having a cluttered and confusing homepage.

Although the new look was announced last year and has only arrived this year it is only being offered to a limited number of users and eventually there will be a roll-out which hopefully will improve user experience – a key factor in any web design project!

The move however now means that for users to access other services like the News, Images or Gmail which were traditionally found along the top black bar they now have to make two movements rather than the one click into these.

Now we know what you’re thinking! Why would Google make it harder for users to find what they want within a minimum amount of clicks? Well the only logical reason behind this is that there could be some financial gain for Google.

The extra click means that as most people will make their first route into the Google through the main search bar then Google ensures that are then exposed to their advertising. Through search the user is shown advertising which you wouldn’t see amongst the Images, News or other services offered by Google.

Self-promotion is something which Google has been heavily scrutinised for in the past and the Federal Trade Commission were called in last month to investigate whether or not Google was exploiting the fact it had a majority of both search via PC and mobile devices and the question was asked on whether Google is using its market power to steer users to its own web products and secondary services.

Further questioning went on to see whether they were discriminating against other websites – its competitors! Obviously Google has strongly denied the allegations and state that they are in no way, shape or form disadvantaging rivals.

Either way no one can doubt that their new home page re-vamp is yet another clever move by the search engine giant! A spokesperson for Google stated:

"If you compare the original Google home page to today's version, you will see that a makeover every so often can certainly be refreshing."

Brick technology couldn’t agree more! Think about your web design for a moment is it looking a bit outdated and in need of a refreshing new look for 2012?

If the answer to the above question is yes then why not book a informal meeting with our savvy web design team to see how we can help you get that professional and up to date web design which can help your business reach its full potential.

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