Google Profits Increase Due to Google+

Google has revealed that 40million users have signed up to their new social network Google+ and there has been a 26pc jump in profits for them. Revenues have increased by a third in the three months to the 30th September as net profits grew more than a quarter.

This has highlighted Google’s rapid expansion into new areas; they are already well established for web searches which lead traffic to websites and is one of the main aims of web design.

In addition to highlighting their expansion Google are also showing Facebook that they mean business. They are taking them on face to face and want to be the better social networking platform.

Already people are flocking to Google+ and it has only just started up. This could be because it allows users to group the friends into circles. It was made fully available to the public in late September but already it had attracted over 25 million users. It took Facebook 10 months to reach the 1 million users mark.

Is it just a novelty that will wear off though? Investors do not seem to think so after share prices surged.

Social network sites are playing a huge role within the way companies are choosing to advertise and market their company, brand, products and services online. We cannot be certain that Google+ will take off but for now it has had a pleasing start.

Brick technology have been having a look at the social network Google+ and next week we will be posting our thoughts about what we really like and what we really cannot stand. Who knows we may implement it for use with some of our Internet Marketing clients.

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