Google Moves to Music in US!

Just for the US at the minute, Google have announced the launch of their online music store which will allow any device which runs its Android software to buy, store and stream MP3 files.

Already twenty three independent labels are providing content to create a library which will home around 13 million songs. One shock though is that Warner Music Group has opted out so they won’t be taking part at this point.

This has been stated as Google’s challenge to Apple who has had their iTunes store launched since 2003. In July and September more than half of the total number of smartphones sold ran an Android operating system.

This in total accounts for over 60 million devices running Android. In comparison Apple’s iOS handsets accounted for 15% of the market over the same period of time.

The new Google Music Store will be intergrated into the Google+ social network so that users will be able to share songs with their Circles contacts and so they too can listen to the full length of a track once without making a purchase. Prices of the songs will range from 69 cents, around 44pence right the way through to $1.29.

Every single day though Google Music Store will offer a FREE track for download and there has been exclusive content secured so watch this space!

Rapper Busta Rhymes will debut his new studio Album on the Android store and then The Rolling Stones and Coldplay will offer previously unreleased live performances. These are big names and Google are looking to also link with smaller artists through Artist Hub. Musicians can add their own page for a $25 fee and then set their own prices for downloads; Google takes a 30% share of each sale.

Unfortunately Google didn’t mention releasing Google Music Store outside the US. If there is a demand for it from the US and it goes down well maybe this will be something they think about.

Blackberry have jumped into the music scene too launching their BBM Music service in the UK on Tuesday they offer users 50 tracks of their choice for £4.99 per month. Well known brand Nokia are going to be taking a different approach, offering owners of the new Lumia 800 Windows Phone use of a Mix Radio App.

This will scan the users music collection and then build a customised Radio Station from the firm’s15 million strong library collection. Popular choices for music include Spotify who will be expanding too offering apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Despite this competition Google Music Store state that it will be a success and they have various other options to set them aside from others. They will play to their strengths. Many have praised Google’s move by stating that it offers an alternative to the world of iTunes.

Who knows whether the Google Music Store will take off or not; we just hope that if it does they will release it into the UK market and not just keep it in the US.

Brick technology invites you to comment using our comment box below on whether or not you think this will take off. Maybe you are an avid iTunes user; would you stray and try out the Google Music Store? Do you think they should be releasing it into the UK as well as the UK?

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