Google Issue A Warning

Whilst carrying out routine maintenance on a data centre, Google has found that there are a number of infected machines and thus issued warnings to millions of people that their PC has been infected.

This is a malicious code promoting the scammers’ wares by encouraging browser traffic through and even has been said to include fake security programs.

A warning message will appear at the top of any searches carried out via Google should you be one of the unfortunate ones to have been victim to the virus. Already Google have estimated that this virus alone has managed to hit over two million people.

The fake security programs have been circulating the online world for some time and it is these which have transferred the malware onto user’s computers. There is said to be hundreds and hundreds of variants to these fake security programs.

Google regularly carry out maintenance and during this some servers are taken offline. It is during this time that search traffic for that cluster of machines will decrease and effectively dry up but it does not stop all traffic. In fact traffic was being generated by a virus on around one million Windows machines; it bounced packets of data off the net address of the Google Servers with the aim of finding out whether or not they were online.

Already Google has warned hundreds of thousands of people who have a machine known to be bouncing data back off the Google servers. If you do see the warning notice then it is important to notice that the main effect of the virus pigeon hole search requests through intermediate sites promoting the fake security programs as well as other ongoing scams.

If you see the warning when searching on Google then you should click the provided link which will take you to some advice pages. On these advice pages you will find the following information:

  • How to update your antivirus
  • How to clean up your PC

It is important that you do this in order to rid yourself of the virus. With so many scams currently going on you should keep regular check upon your computers security status and regularly run virus scans.

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