Google announce improvement to Google Analytics service

The first advancement is the implementation of customer alerts. This allows users to better monitor unexpected changes in traffic or data trends through email or intelligence report alerts. 

Google has also allowed for greater conversation tracking by now allowing users to create up to 20 goals per profile, making detailed traffic monitoring a simpler process. These include ‘Time on Site’ and ‘Pages per Visit’ goals. 

Google Analytics has also expanded support for mobile websites, and tracking for iPhone and Android equipped devices. Users who now add server code to PHP, JSP, PERL, or ASPX mobile websites will also be able to track non Java-script enabled phones. 

Users will also be able to include the ‘Unique Visitors’ metric in their ‘Custom Report’ or ‘Advanced Segments’ to access how many unique visitors browsed the website. 

In addition, Google has implemented ‘Pivoting Secondary Dimensions’ and ‘Advanced Table Filtering’ to allow for swifter in depth analyses of an account. Users can also share a URL link for an ‘Advanced Segment’ of ‘Custom Report’ with anyone who has an analytics account. Sharing the link will automatically import the pre-formatted template into the person's account.

Finally, Google Analytics has also implemented custom analytics through which a user can define visitors according to user attributes (member versus non-member), session attributes (signed in or signed out), and by page-level attributes (viewed ‘Sports’ section).


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