Get the first look at Bing/Twitter

If you didnt already know, Twitter and Bing have teamed up. Take a look at how the partnership will work.

The Bing interface is interesting, it seems to be a hybrid of a web search engine and a twitter search. Typing in a term gets you back both the latest tweets that match the keywords, as well as web pages that more than one tweet share in common that also match the keywords. This is a acknowledgement that a lot of the useful content of Twitter is found in the web pages that are linked from the Tweets.

Take a look at Bing/Twitter

Twitter and Google team up

Google have also announced that they are to pair up with Twitter to make all tweets searchable. Until now, Twitter really hasn't been a first class web citizen, because you're not really part of Web 2.0 until you're searchable by Google (and, I suppose, Bing). Sure, you can read someone's tweets from Twitter, or get a thread via a #tag, but the full text searching capabilities that make things really usable on the web, largely powered by Google, have been missing.

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