Get Facebook "Likes" on Your Page

Many businesses and companies who have websites online are now seeing the real impact that social network sites are having in regards to their internet marketing. We are going to look into Facebook and how you can get more “Likes” on your page.

You obviously need to have a Facebook page set up; if this is for your business it does need to be a page rather than a personal profile where you will be asked to become “Friends” with someone rather than “Like”.

Creating a page is really simple to do and it takes around five to ten minutes. The idea is to draw people into your main website through Facebook and Twitter and to do this you need people to “Like” your page.

Firstly you can get “Likes” by buying them, you have your page set up and you purchase the “Likes” whether it is 100, 200, 1000 or 10000 “Likes” you want! You can buy the likes as part of a package and it is a great way to jump start off on social network site Facebook.

Another great way to get people to “Like” you and a method that we use quite frequently with many of our web design Lancashire clients is to actually run a contest or competition on Facebook.  You run a contest on your Facebook and have people “Like” you to gain access to the competition or you can also run it where you have the first ten people to “Like” win a prize or even just something as simple as “Like” us and receive a FREE pen.

Participants feel like they are getting something for their “Like” and the effort of doing it plus people like FREE things. Top tips are a great way of giving someone something back.

Another item which will get you lots of Facebook “Likes” is to actually provide quality on the social network. Fill your profile with valuable information that a person who “Likes” you will find useful and will therefore see you as a useful resource. In doing so they will keep coming back to you and may even recommend you to their friends.

For this to happen you need to ensure that the Facebook page is kept up to date with fresh content which connects with the readers.

Failing getting people to “Like” you on Facebook through online methods you should also seek to gain people through offline events. Sometimes no matter how hard you try and market your Facebook page on the internet there will still be people you can grab offline. These can be found through speaking engagements, seminars, conferences and even meetings.

Brick technology Ltd can help you to manage your socials through our internet marketing team. They really are having a massive impact on many online websites and already we are managing to have a number of successes with many of our clients.

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