Facebook Introduces Timeline Feature

Facebook has started rolling out timelines; all those embarrassing pictures from around two or three years ago that ended up on Facebook could be making reappearance! They were posted on the site and you were embarrassed for a few hours whilst they appeared at the top on your profile but then they were buried by a cascade of new updates.

As of yesterday however Facebook started rolling out a feature called Timeline. This makes a user’s entire history of photos, links and any other items shared on Facebook accessible with just one little click.

This has been described as the one click where:

“Users will be able to see and ultimately realise just how many digital bread crumbs they have left on the site as well as on the web in general!”

As mentioned the new site will bring back many old memories some which users will be pleased about but some which users won’t be too impressed by! There will still be the usual Facebook profile which will show the most recent news updates however the Timeline will almost be like a virtual scrapbook – a montage of photos, links and updates for each month and each year since you signed up for Facebook.

Many social media analysis and specialists in internet marketing have stated that this will prove to be a significant and evolutionary shift for Facebook users. In reality Facebook are providing users with easy access to their memories.

A lot of people have worried that they could have detrimental photos, status updates and similar brought up and they will not be able to get rid. It is important to note however, the site actually will let you edit your Timeline and decide if there are any items which you would like to hide.

There have been concerns about whether people will know how to edit their timeline or even to be bothered too if they have been on Facebook for say five years.

Brick technology web design have tried out the new Timeline feature and have found it to be exceptionally useful although we can understand where concerns would be raised in regards to older photos being shown. These concerns can be easily solved and put to rest by the user simply editing the Timeline and removing the visibility of the items they do not want to show.

Have you tried out the new Timeline feature? If you have then what do you think to it?

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