Evolving for Success — Grow and Develop with Brickweb

Evolving for Success — Grow and Develop with Brickweb

Something that is constantly and quickly evolving needs to be examined and reexamined repeatedly to discover its newest additions, particularly as these are likely to inform what will come in the future. The e-commerce and m-commerce arenas represent the major source of revenue for countless businesses both online and those with brick-and-mortar stores, making the market a highly competitive one that changes constantly to try and improve customer experience and therefore revenue. So what are the latest trends?

As always, there are always new trends emerging - some of them last and some of them don’t. We are and have always been reserved in our judgment over what seems to have importance, accurately hitting the mark time after time. This means that we only share trends which our experienced team believe are the most important and the most likely to have a lasting impact on web design. Here are three trends currently making waves in the e-commerce and m-commerce sectors.

Simplicity = Success

Successful e-commerce websites offer the users an engaging experience that is easily navigated and absorbed - less really is more. The landing page plays an extremely important role here; it is your virtual shop window and must deliver a range of information at a single glance. Your focus is on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and a clear formula is likely to be the winning one. A simple site certainly doesn’t mean compromising on creativity when you choose a skilled, intuitive team to work with.

M-commerce sales are continually on the rise, as they have been since their rise to meteoric popularity began. Retailers keep coming up with new and intelligent ways to make things more mobile-friendly for visitors and Google actively favours sites that make the grade. Mobile CROs are still low, relatively speaking, and so the potential to reach an entire new market is huge. Today’s browsers want a seamless experience across the full spectrum of devices and if they can't get it from you they are likely to go elsewhere.

In the years following the credit crunch, we all learned to be a little bit more careful with our hard-earned cash and everyone is out for a bargain. Personalised promotions are getting good results - customers are responding well to special deals tailored around their previous buying and browsing experience. Competitions offer a way to immediately boost your social media following via Likes and Retweets and you can also reach them through targeted newsletters as part of an internet marketing campaign.

Are you SLAP up to date? BANG on trend? Or headed for a CRASH?

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