E-Commerce Websites: Our World-Class Service

E-Commerce Websites: Our World-Class Service

If a business is to thrive in the ultra-competitive e-commerce environment, then it's online presence needs to be of exceptional quality. Brickweb specialise in the development, building, support and maintenance of world-class e-commerce websites, helping YOUR business to stay one step ahead of its many competitors.

Brickweb e-commerce websites are built on the unique BrickCMS, a comprehensive and innovative system created by experts using open-source technology. The system is fully integrated with Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Azure and Watson, in addition to some of the latest core CRMs like ZOHO. It is designed to respond intuitively to the unique needs of your operation and can be infinitely customised as required.

With the BrickCMS, your experience is seamlessy translated across every device. The integral control centre is reactive and responsive, ensuring that every aspect of your online operation can be controlled with ultimate accuracy. We carefully craft website code to be 100% valid and the experience is optimised to all internet browsers.

The BrickCMS is designed to integrate with all payment systems, offering your customers a choice of ways to make payments in a secure, swift manner. Multi-currency checkouts with multilingual support lets you extend your potential market to welcome customers from anywhere on the planet.

The dreaded '404 NOT FOUND' page is a thing of the past with Brickweb e-commerce websites. Visitors to your website will be autodirected from dead URLs to relevant new pages or to the parent page. It's easy to specify custom redirect lists when using the BrickCMS.

Though it is of course crucial to make websites with search engines in mind, we don't neglect the human element. All of our e-commerce websites are thoroughly and regularly tested to ensure that they are displayed perfectly at every screen zoom level and with all font sizes.

Slow loading times are responsible for a significant proportion of website abandonment. Brickweb e-commerce websites utilise the most modern HTTP compression, ensuring that the site loads rapidly and completely. The BrickCMS boats pre- and post-check cahing features and intelligent database queries, keeping all your static content reliably cached. 

Check out our website to discover more about our world-class e-commerce website services. To find out how well your current website is performing, please request our free, personalised SEO report.

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