E-commerce Websites & M-commerce Integration

E-commerce Websites & M-commerce Integration

As digital commerce is such a progressive sector, there is a constant need to gain and analyse new information to better understand what is changing and how. Many studies are carried out to meet this need and the results of a recent survey by global digital commerce consultancy Salmon are particularly enlightening.

Salmon commissioned the survey in an attempt to gain insights about how the business landscape is being affected by e-commerce and m-commerce. 150 key decision-makers were surveyed, each representing a UK-based organisation with a staff of more than 500 individuals. Survey results were published in a report entitled ‘British Business in the Digital Age’ and included:

  • 41% of luxury revenues are accounted for by digital channels

  • 26% of retail revenues are accounted for by digital channels

  • On average, 73% of respondents believe digital commerce to be an important part of their industry. Broken down, the figures were 33% (wholesale), 87% (retail) and 100% (luxury goods)

  • All industries expect e-commerce and m-commerce to grow in importance over the next ten years

  • Average digitally-generated revenues equate to 19% across all of the industries that were surveyed

  • By 2025, all industries expect revenue growth through digital channel sales - luxury goods are projected to be sold primarily digitally by this time, at 60%

  • M-commerce continues to grow in importance though many respondents felt challenged by the changes - issues cited included growing mobile sales into a central channel (67%), integrating mobile with existing sales channels (23%), lack of knowledge in-house (19%) and lacking investment and/or interest from senior board members

Whether your business employs five people or 500, it is essential that you maintain a viable, visible online presence across all of the digital channels. We can competently assist you to overcome any challenges you face in bringing your business to the forefront, as we welcome you to the cutting edge of e-commerce and m-commerce.

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