E-Commerce in 2016 – Trends to Watch

E-Commerce in 2016 – Trends to Watch

The end of 2015 is fast approaching – and what a year it has been! Computer and smart-device ownership/usage are growing at exponential rates, transforming the online landscape as they go.

Here we reveal some of the emerging trends for e-commerce websites in 2016.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

The continuing growth of mobile technology is at the forefront of developments – you could be forgiven for thinking that this is no longer a ‘trend’ as it was on the list last year! 2016 is, however, looking set to bring mobile apps and websites even more into the limelight.

Recent data from Smart Insights revealed that 80% of internet users also own a smartphone while another study from eMarketer showed that:

  • Mobile increased its share of e-commerce site traffic by 5% in just one year, easily surpassing comparable desktop-traffic levels

  • Conversion rates from mobile devices rose 7.7% between May 2014/15 – up to 2.52% from 2.34%

  • Though smartphone conversion rates were lower than those of tablets, they still increased by a massive 32.6% year on year

  • Average conversion rates for desktops dropped 3.5%, lowering the figure from 3.47% to 3.35%

Content Quality is Key

Whatever you are selling, a clear, enticing and well-written product description is going to help potential customers feel more confident and knowledgeable, encouraging conversion. Buyers like a paradoxical combination of detail and precision; the richer yet clearer the media, the more the potential buyer will be convinced they are making the right decision. Images should be of the highest resolution possible and merchandising guidelines should be clearly signposted.

Automatic Marketing

Personalising the online experience is growing in importance – e-commerce websites are now customising their banners, promotions and landing pages to deliver that personal touch. Even if you are catering to wholesale buyers, the same principle holds true and a website that responds to your individual requirements will be far more favoured than one that treats every visitor the same.

Look out for more e-commerce trends for 2016 coming soon – ` to keep your finger firmly on the pulse.

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