Don't be held to ransom

Don't be held to ransom

Malware and Ransom software is on the increase as we could all see with the NHS hack which hasn't been off the news channels all day.

Could it happen to you?

Your Brick website is one of the very few web systems with a built in disaster recovery backup.

Regardless of your processes, we at Brick backup all our client's websites and databases every single day at midnight so that the risk of customer data loss is minimized. 

Also, in all Brick CMS control centres there is the facility for our clients to instantly download all data and website files and keep it safe somewhere other than in the cloud or on your server.

This "belt and braces" system has been part and parcel of our brickweb system since 1995. As our customers know, we regularly strongly suggest to back up your assets and download the information to a USB stick away from any computer, network or server. This way, in the unlikely event of you being hacked or affected by some malicious software. The absolute worst loss will be 23hrs 59min of transactions (and even less if you use the download backup facility in your control centre.)

Brick technology Limited takes your online business very seriously and we are constantly reviewing our own security policies, making our clients websites one of the safest and secure systems out there.

Please change your password/s frequently and if you have any worries, concerns or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Could it happen to you? We can't say that you'll never be hacked, or even if you have a rogue employee. Brick helps keep you safe and your online business running.
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