Discover the Brick Festive Five...

Discover the Brick Festive Five...

Here at Brick, we don't like to be judgmental. So we aren’t bothered if you have been naughty or nice this year; we will still be wishing you a very Merry Christmas full of good cheer. What we ARE bothered by, however, is naughty WEBSITES and it is these that are making our list this year. If you haven’t started preparing your Christmas campaign yet, then get ready to experience ALL the sleigh bells and whistles as you learn the Festive Five….

Christmas, as every business owner knows, is an extremely important time of year on the calendar and the need to excel above the competition becomes fiercer than ever. This is particularly true for smaller businesses which have a smaller budget and staff than the major, big-name rivals. Our Christmas Workshop will show you that you don't need big bucks to get the best campaign; a little ingenuity and class such as that displayed by all Brick websites can take you much, much further.

The Christmas Workshop at Brick is our most popular of the year, by far. Open to both existing and potential customers, the workshop has got bigger and better every year and, with limited places available, if you want to get YOUR name on our Christmas Workshop list, then the time to act is NOW. You will learn the Festive Five lessons:

  1. Creating the perfect stationery. A festive look to your website is essential and should carry right through your whole organisation, delivering that seamless feel that today’s internet user demands. We will show you how to get that consistent look right across the board from your emails to your letterheads.

  2. Preparing the perfect promotions. We will show you how to understand your customer behaviour better, giving you insights that let you know just what will catch their eye. Getting the attention of brand new customers is also covered, as well as information on the practical side such as using promotional codes.

  3. Capitalising on social media. Facebook, Twitter and other such sites are big business and, best of all, they’re absolutely free to use. Though the many networks can seem daunting, we will show you our practical list of simple steps that will maximise your social media returns.

  4. Getting your website noticed. The search engine is still the main go-to when people are looking for products. Find out how your rivals are getting to the top spots on search result pages and then knock them from pole position

  5. Festive fun for everyone. Keeping your visitors entertained is essential, particularly around Xmas. We have got lots of ways to make your site stand out and you can discover them all over a mince pie at our Christmas Workshop!

Book your place by contacting us and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday 20th October 2016 at 3:30pm at our offices!

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