Cyber Monday 2010

Cyber Monday, the busiest internet shopping day of the year!

As the online retailers take their positions, they prepare for what is known as Cyber Monday, usually the first Monday in December we take a look at Amazon.

Amazon, one of the largest online retailers today is preparing one huge operation!

"A vast warehouse, the size of eight football pitches and around 15 minutes from the centre of Milton Keynes over one thousand workers are taking a deep breath in and preparing themselves for what will be the busiest day, for online retail this year"

The first week of December and people start to make those final gift purchases just in time for Christmas! Products from kettles to keyboards, ping pong balls to DVD box sets are stacked densely on four floors of shelves, on a structure known as the "library tower", a large edifice in the middle of the distribution centre at Amazon.

As the business has grown the company has built up toward the eaves of the warehouse. Pickers weave their way through, shoving items in yellow plastic crates and sending them on a conveyor belt for packing, like latter-day elves.

The top floor of the tower offers a view across the docking area where the goods arrive, stacked in cardboard boxes and resembling Rachel Whiteread's show in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern, when the artist cast the insides of 14,000 boxes.

Like high-street retailers, online shops have not been immune to the recession. But as the high street faces another possible bloodbath, many online retailers are at least still growing, owing to the deepening penetration of broadband, consumers becoming more comfortable buying online and cash-strapped shoppers hunting for bargains this year in order to surprise their loved ones with presents that they requested.

We hope that this cyber Monday is second to none and we see faith restored in the public once more about online shopping. However make sure you check current scams which are going on to ensure you’re not caught out this Christmas time.

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