Content Marketing Comes Out On Top!

When it comes to thinking about internet marketing it is the norm for many companies and businesses to form a strategy which they feel will work best for them. However in a recent survey involving 400 marketing it was discovered that the best tactic is through content marketing.

Content marketing is so important in regards to web design and internet marketing. Brick technology offer our internet marketing services to our web design clients and as part of this there is a dedicated member of our team writing unique, original content for each client which includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Videos and photos
  • Social Media Updates
  • Articles
  • Submissions to Article Directories

We always preach about how important it is for our web design clients to regularly update their website with fresh, engaging and unique content. The content can be written in such a way that it carefully inserts the company or business’s top keywords and phrases.

Brick technology has been battling with clients for years trying to get them to update their content on their website but they rarely see the importance. Not only can the content be used for inserting keywords and phrases, keeping visitors updated but it also can be used to generate various newsletter campaigns which can be highly effective at increasing web traffic.

Impressively 82 of B2B marketers now employ content marketing strategies which compares to the 70% who will use search engine marketing. In addition to the above statistics it was important to note the following attitudes from company and business owners.

78% claimed that driving sales and leads was the top marketing goal of their company or business.

35% claimed that boosting brand awareness was a goal of their company or business.

35% claimed that establishing a leadership or indeed maintaining their lead of the market was a goal of their company or business.

28% claimed their primary goal was to increase web traffic.

24% said their goal of their company was to improve search results and website visibility.

Content management is great way of generating leads whilst engaging with potential customers and making them feel like they are having a personal relationship with you. Through varying the content from industry news to news simply concerning your business and personal aspects it can show a website visitor that you are an active business and even provide them with something they can relate to.  

No matter what website owners or business and company owners believe content marketing is the BIG thing. Through regular content updates high positioning within search engine results can be achieved which of course is good for a company. It makes their website visible their company and business known and their brand out there in the online world.

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