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The continuing growth of mobile internet has led to changes in the world of e-commerce. Online retailers are extending their efforts into this booming market to make sure they keep up-to-date with changing consumer trends in web development and an entire new market, m- or mobile-commerce, has come rapidly into existence. A new Shopify infographic shows a 10% leap in products and services purchased using a mobile device to 17% in 2012 from 7% in 2011 and recent studies have shown that 10% of all internet traffic is now mobile-based with over 2bn smartphone users worldwide. This figure is predicted to grow to up to 40% during 2013.

2013 will see more and more businesses opting for a website design that gives a seamless user experience across an entire range of internet-capable devices. Entirely new business models and practices are already forming around the use of applications and e-commerce systems, meaning that existing businesses must ensure they are completely up-to-date with these technologies in order to survive and flourish in the growing marketplace. New methods of tracking customers across several devices will provide simpler methods of analysing data that come from a variety of sources, allowing marketing techniques to be upgraded and optimised.

Methods of payment must also be optimised for mobile access. A quick, simple and secure checkout must be provided that allows customers to feel safe about submitting their sensitive personal information on a mobile device. As mobile internet is sometimes unreliable, it is important that users can be quickly taken back to the page they were on before disconnection so that they are aware of exactly what point they left off in the buying process.

Brickweb are world-class providers of a comprehensive range of e-commerce solutions to a worldwide client base. Our expert team have embraced mobile technology and are able to provide responsive, high-performance websites that adapt perfectly and seamlessly to these new developments while remaining simple, intuitive and effective for users. These improvements in user experience dramatically increase company credibility and customer satisfaction, leading to impressive sales figures and increased revenue.

We believe in providing our clients with a personalised service, including regular focused meetings and continuous technical support. Though Brickweb operate on a global level, many of our worldwide clients are based right here in Blackburn: this unique blend of local and global has given Brickweb many insights into the market that other digital agencies simply do not have. To choose Brickweb is to choose functionality, reliability and a proven track-record of client satisfaction coupled with expertly-trained staff with a sharp focus on the future.

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