Charity Makeover = Happy Hospice!

Charity Makeover = Happy Hospice!

At Brickweb Development Company, we are proud of the diverse collection of businesses and organisations that choose us to represent them online. Creating modern web experiences for clients selling everything from screwdrivers to stag nights, we also lend our skills to charitable organisations, one of which featured on TV news recently after a very special makeover…

Woodlands Hospice is in Liverpool and opened in 1996 as a day hospice, after GPs, hospital staff and Macmillan Nurses identified a desperate need for such a facility in the area. Supporting the needs of local people dealing with cancer, the hospice has grown over the years to include both outpatient and  inpatient units.

As an independent registered charity, Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust began in 1991 to raise the funds to build and run the hospice. Just five years later the hospice was open and providing day therapy to Merseyside patients but the fundraising certainly didn’t stop there; in 2005 a New Opportunities Grant helped pay for a Community Therapy Outreach Service and the outpatient annex. A Capital Appeal secured the £2.37m needed to build the inpatient unit, which houses 15 beds.

Recently, a massive team of decorators descended on the hospice armed with buckets, brushes and other decorating equipment. This squad of eager painters and decorators all represented the Decorator’s Forum, a bunch of local skilled men and women who donate their time to help out charities in need of a bit of a facelift. Check out their Facebook page.

All the paint was donated too and, as it is impossible to do decorating without a nice cuppa and maybe a biscuit,, lots of food and drink was made available to the dedicated team. Patients and staff alike expressed delight at the ob when it was completed, with everyone mentioning that it made them feel better to be in the fresh, bright surroundings. The story made it onto the news and you can see a video of the heartwarming report.

We love hearing news from our clients; it keeps us in the loop and strengthens the professional bond between us, helping us to know your company better and thus further tailoring our service to you. A makeover, whether it is your hair or your hospice, makes you feel good. Maybe your website needs a makeover? Let the experts at Brick get it looking great.

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