Brick| Web Design, an important thought!

When Brick Technology hands over our high quality, easy to use completed websites we have found that clients view this as the end product. Yes it is an end product - it is the result of many hours of hard work, tweaking and technological development.

But there is no point in us for example handing you the keys to a brand new top of the range car if you do not have the skills to be able to drive it. The same principle can be applied to websites; they need maintenance and care after they are carefully placed in your hands.

The first push is only the beginning, paying out huge amounts of cash to get yourself to the top of Google for your chosen keywords, but in reality you don’t need to spend huge amounts of cash when you follow some simple steps and guidance from our web development team at Brick Technology.


We are not suggesting for any minute that every month you have a complete re-design of your website, change the colours the fonts etc. What we are suggesting is that after launch you will find problems or alterations that could be adapted in order to make it better.

Another top tip is to get a small group of un-biased people to test drive your website just like you would a new car! Gaining feedback from a varied group of people on things like:

  • What is their first impression of the website/opening pages and welcome?
  • Is it easy to use, accessible?
  • Did they find any problems?
  • Anything they would change about it?
  • Is it a website that they feel they would return to?

After gaining such feedback on similar topics as these examples above and then actually acting upon these really can make your website stand out without you needing a bank loan to fund expensive re-designs or paying for a top place on Google.


This is perhaps one of the simplest things that you can do and yet people don’t! At Brick Technology even we have links to our:

These are up to date with what is going on in our business. Engaging with customers on a personal level through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter shows them that you are interested and with so many members of such sites these days it opens you up to a larger target audience.


This can link in with interaction, but having a news page on your website can be another great way to keep in touch with your customer base but only if you put it to use! News pages keep content fresh and show you off to be an active business– which you are! Posting a couple of news stories each week including your chosen keywords can really help your positioning on Google. Take a look at our News Page.

The hard hitting reality is that when search engines like Google bring up your site their spiders look for when it was last updated and if they keep coming back visiting your site to find that oh, it hasn't had an update in a month then it will be energy efficient and maybe set itself to come back within a month.

One visit every month? That is the question you need to ask yourself. There is absolutely no point in having a brilliant website if it is just sat there dormant! In comparison if a search engine such as Google brings up your site and can see there is a updated page every day or every other day then you are really doing well and the search engine will keep coming back logging the new pages ultimately making you number one in the results line up. Read our article on content here.


Brick Technology, Web Design – Blackburn do offer a range of solutions including training sessions, live chat facilities with our technical support team, internet marketing and a Support Ticketing system.

On a final note

Just as you don’t get the keys to a brand new car and then never service and maintain it you don’t get given a web development and leave it to be dormant. If you want to get business enquiries and info requests through your online website then you have to put in the effort so we will end on our important thought that:

“What you put in – is what you get out!”

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