Brickweb, Brexit and Blah-Blah Babbling

Brickweb, Brexit and Blah-Blah Babbling

You’re probably sick of the sight of articles detailing the ins and outs (and ups, downs, side-to-sides, hards, softs etc) of Brexit so congratulations for reading this far. It will be worth it. The political arena plays out its dramas constantly, with a critical, hard-to-please public as its audience; there are always thorny issues to deal with and the Brexit debate (debacle?) is proving to be one of the thorniest yet.

As we need our precious keyboard fingers to maintain our clients’ dynamic, contemporary websites, we’re not too keen on getting them injured on Brexit thorns. So this article definitely ISN’T a polemic, rabble-rouser or polariser; instead, we’ve taken a step back from the whole thing and it’s given us a fresh perspective.

Unless you’re really far to one side of the debate or the other, you almost certainly lost interest in Brexit several weeks ago. We did too, but we started to wonder exactly WHY this should be so? Do we have short attention spans, craving the next novelty? Why do we seem to be so indifferent to what is surely a massive event that affects all of us?

Then it clicked, or perhaps ‘clunked’ is a better word: it’s the way it is presented to us. There’s no clarity. In fact, there often seems to be deliberate use of language that obscures the point. Language is a tool designed to explain, to clarify and to communicate; the language of politicians bears almost no resemblance to the way we actually speak. And they drone too. Poor phrasing, wonky wording and dull, dreary delivery; is it any wonder we switch off our brains, even if not our TVs?

Brick aims to bust, beat and banish balderdash in our working practice. We pledge to deliver dynamically, word wonderfully and phrase phabulously. We’ll make sure that technical terms are used only when there is no other word in the language that fits (is there another word for metadata?).

We don't hide our intelligence. But we don't use it as a weapon either. When people fully understand one another, the potential for and scope of achievement is breathtaking. When we do not, it’s literally a waste of breath.

Should we stay or should we go? To avoid a clash, we’ll keep our views to ourselves and carry on with what we do best: enhancing the core value of the synergy of the internet in real terms while delivering excellence across several spectra of industrial and commercial juxtapositions. Or, in Brickweb language, making classy websites for happy clients. Click HERE for our jargon buster!

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