Brick's Newest Launch - A Warm Welcome to Ewood Dental

Brickweb are proud to announce the launch of our newest website. Responsive, contemporary and mobile-ready, the website has been created by our web design company for Ewood Dental, a team of dentists and orthodontists working in the Lancashire area.

Ewood Dental are based in Blackburn, where they have two clinics. A third clinic is located in nearby Colne, meaning the company cover a comprehensive catchment area. All general dentistry work is carried out by the team, along with a full complement of orthodontic and cosmetic treatments. Over recent years, the company has seen a steady growth in its number of patients and, to reflect its growth and evolution, decided that a full update of their internet presence and online business strategy was needed.

The new website has, like all Brick websites, an emphasis on providing the very best experience for both customer and business. Behind the scenes, the unique Brickweb Content Management System (BrickCMS 2.5) offers powerful and flexible features that allow Ewood Dental staff to easily manage every aspect of the website. The Brickweb team provide regular, dynamic content in order to keep the site consistently fresh, encouraging visitors to browse the site; the fact that the site is responsive to the device it is accessed from has become a powerful deciding factor for customers when choosing which websites to use.

Our internet marketing strategies and processes are bringing ever-growing numbers of visitors to the new Ewood Dental website. Once attracted, visitors to the website have a fluid, intuitive browsing experience that is the signature of Brickweb’s superlative custom web design.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Ewood Dental and look forward to developing our relationship further and helping the team to reach their business objectives. This will be achieved by regular, personal contact with the company and continued meetings to decide on the best way to drive the business forward.

Please click here to experience the brand new website. To book a free, no-obligation consultation with our team and find out how our digital agency in Lancashire could revolutionise your online business, please contact us today on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email

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