Brick Web Design Proves Invaluable

With recent campaigning currently ongoing in regards to raising awareness about Carbon Monoxide and the dangerous effects that it can have; one of our clients at Brick technology is thrilled that the message is finally getting through to people about how the severity of this silent killer; the phones haven't stopped ringing!

On the 16th February 2011 Cowboy Builders showed up Andre Binder, a man who claimed to be a builder when in reality he had only ever been involved in TV production.  Not only did he forge architect documents but he left a family with young children in a life threatening situation.

He placed a ridge beam sticking out inches above the ridge of the roof meaning that the roof was completely unsupported. What is more he actually left a chimney unsupported on a roof which happened to be directly above a bath, situated in the family bathroom.

The family man who showed no remorse when confronted was told how, the actual ridge beam that was put in place had in fact punctured the chimney flu meaning that dangerous carbon monoxide fumes could leak in and it was simply an accident waiting to happen.

What is more the latest drama in soap land, Eastenders involved character Heather, played by Cheryl Fergison actually suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning when her faulty boiler releases toxic fumes into the air. Found unconscious but still breathing led on her sofa by her best friend Shirley Carter, single mum Heather simply didn’t have the money to pay for the boiler to be fixed.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Ltd have a brilliant website, they work to make this silent killer – audible! Selling alarms which alert a person when Carbon Monoxide is present these can prove to be an invaluable, lifesaving product, you get both the visual and the audible warning immediately when it is detected not only saving your life but the lives of people living with you.

The informative, easy to use web design by Brick technology has proved extremely useful to CO Alarms around the time of this campaign and Managing Director Russell Pilkington is even running a promotion, by entering “enders” at the checkout in the promotion code box you will receive 15% discount off selected alarms.

Don't be a victim of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, go to and make this silent killer heard!

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