Brick technology is 20 Years Young!

Brick technology is 20 Years Young!

It’s nearly our birthday!

Yes, Brick technology has reached the grand old age of 20 and what a ride it’s been. In our journey from being a fledgling web design studio to our present status as a global digital agency, we have remained dedicated to our core belief that every business is unique and must therefore be treated uniquely, leading to the formation of extremely close and successful working relationships.

It all started in 1995, when a grant from the British Legion allowed Brick technology to get on its feet. The internet back then presented a very different aspect than today - can you remember a time when the ubiquitous smartphone wasn’t around and the mobile app was on the drawing board? Since we were established, we have introduced service after service to the Brick technology experience, including mobile app development and social networking integration.

As we approach our twentieth birthday, Brick technology are still evolving apace and our team employ the same forward-thinking that has allowed our company to become successful, creating dynamic online presences for our globally-trading customers. Everything about Brick technology is designed to ensure a proficient, professional and personal experience for both clients and their website visitors, from basic web design to complex online marketing strategies and mobile applications.

Twistfix, a major supplier of building materials to both trade and public, have remained with Brick for many years as their company has gone from strength to strength. Our 20th birthday celebrations will coincide with the launch of the brand-new Twistfix mobile app, developed exclusively by Brick technology.

As our reputation has grown, we have been able to secure partnerships with many major companies and organisations, including Nominet, IBM, Google and Microsoft. We are also accredited integrators for HSBC and Barclay’s and developers for both Apple and Google Play.

We move into our twentieth year with great excitement for the future. Brick technology will continue to invest in the progression of our company and clients, embracing and integrating the new technologies of the coming decades.
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