Brick Internet Marketing Services, or DIY SEO?

SEO from Brick
  • Real time results statistics.
  • Stay abreast to new market changes with frequently updated  modules, new exclusive content, and our monthly newsletter.
  • Proven system used by Brick clients.
  • You learn SEO, and can apply it to all your projects. There are no hidden secrets or flim-flam.
  • Limited upfront cost.
  • If you use our trial for 3 months you get 50% discount.
  • No contracts.
  • You can cancel anytime and owe nothing.


Google AdWords
  • Fairly instant traffic stream.
  • Good for measuring conversions.
  • A variety of competitive research tools make it easy for competing sites to clone your keyword list and strategy, minimizing your longterm profit potential. Even Google offers a Search-based keyword tool that tells competitors what keywords are associated with your site!
  • You have to keep improving your conversion rates to not get priced out of the auction.
  • A dumb (or deep pocketed) competitor can price you out of the market.
  • Many businesses simply can't buy as much traffic as they would like to.
  • In some markets Google partners dominate - those with a high quality score and those who use Google Checkout are given a favorable position.
  • The second you stop paying, your search traffic is turned off.
Average SEO Provider
  • Generally cheaper than pay per click, especially after the first year.
  • Many firms charge rates as though an expert is working on your site, but have under-trained college graduates and interns working on your site.
  • If search algorithms change dramatically they are required to service many clients at once. Hopefully you are paying them a lot of money so you are high on their priority list. If not, then you might be stuck buying a lot of paid search ads and/or firing some of your staff.
  • Some SEO providers lock you into their proprietary systems.
Low End SEO Provider
  • Fairly cheap.
  • IF it works you get a good return. But that is a big it usually does not!
  • If an SEO is good at marketing there is no reason for them to price their services this low. Effective SEOs that know business can easly make 6 or 7 figures a year from setting up affiliate sites, AdSense websites, and/or building businesses around their skills.
  • Many of the people which do services in this price range take the client's money and disappear. There is a market for lemons effect at the lower end of the market. And people get what they pay for.
  • If they are able to rank your site for limited capital there is a good risk that they are employing high risk techniques, which may eventually end up destroying your rankings.
SEO Conferences
  • Social interaction.
  • If you are an employee, this can get you out of work for a couple weeks a year. Paid vacation. :-)
  • Many conference speakers speak primarily as a sales channel. Rather than revealing their secrets, some reveal their sales pitches.
  • Conference speakers are often limited to 10 to 15 minute slots, which require them to cover complex topics quickly - leading to reductionism and causing some audience members to hear one-liners, but not get the whole picture.
Hiring a SEO Manager
  • At some point it makes sense for major businesses to hire an SEO. You really need to know a bit about the topic first to ensure you hire the right person.
  • Many in house SEO teams subscribe to our site to help keep up with the industry and get a second opinion on complex questions.
  • More and more businesses are bringing SEO in house. If you want to hire someone it makes sense to spend a few hours reading our training modules to familiarize yourself with the topic and ensure you hire the right person.
  • If you don't know what to look for and hire the wrong person they could destroy your rankings.
Other SEO Training Services
  • There are various costs and benefits depending on who you choose and what they know.
  • Perspective has value.
  • Some of these people (particularly the email marketers) are quite good at selling and conversion. Even subscribing to their email "offers" is a sales course in selling.
  • Some companies selling SEO information should not be selling it. I remember 1 "famous" internet marketing outfit that asked me some EXCEPTIONALLY basic SEO questions 1 month, and the very next month were selling an SEO training course as though they were experts!
  • Some services lift content from our site and try to resell it - you are better off buying direct and getting the latest information direct from the source.
  • Some people only run their SEO site and do not run any other profitable websites.
  • Some training programs try to force proprietary hosting and software services on you.
  • Most of these services are outdated AND are not very interactive.
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