Boring Company Website? Move Provider Now!

Are you sat there staring at your computer screen and all that is staring back at you is a bland and boring company website? Do you long for a new website design but simply cannot be bothered with the task of changing provider and all the hassle which comes along with it?

If you can answer yes to the above two questions then come to Brick technology web design and let us handle everything on your behalf. We can breathe the life back into your online presence and help you to mind your business whilst ensuring the whole process is hassle free!

Whether it is a brochure website, e-commerce website, community website or even just a starter website we have the experience to be able to create your company something you can show off and be proud of.

We will speak to your current web design provider on your behalf and ensure that all the major tasks of moving away from them are taken care of:

  • Hosting will need to be cancelled by yourself although we will remind you of this as many new clients which come to us forget and thus still get billed from their old hosting provider.
  • Domain Transfer is easily taken care of as all we need is a list of domains which you would like to transfer to our Tag or over to our control.
  • Email Hosting is easily sorted out as all we need is a list of the emails they have or would like and then we can setup the addresses on our side.

These are the major ones although there is plenty more which we can do for you! If you can get the FTP details of your old site then we can simply copy the files and any database and set them up on our server so that the old site remains live whilst your new site is being created. This makes it easier for all as we have access to the old website content should you so require.

When you come to Brick technology you do not just get web design but over time you have the chance to progress and grow with the times so that you can stay on top. Our web development services are leading edge and our team is extremely pro-active at suggesting new and innovative ideas for how you can grow your business.

In addition to our commitment to you for ongoing web development we also offer additional services in media production and internet marketing. These offer our customers the chance to present themselves in a different way or for them to become better known and to position highly within the search engine results for keywords and phrases.

If you are looking at your computer screen and reading this then now is the time to act! Stop just simply accepting second best and contact Brick technology now for a world class web design service!

Call us on 01254 277190 or email for more information and to book a consultation and meet our savvy team.

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