Bespoke Web Design for Stampede

Brick technology are pleased to welcome Stampede, our newest client. Stampede have, since the company was established in 2002, carefully built an extremely enviable reputation as one of the best and most successful suppliers of quality children's shoes to customers across the north west. In order to help maintain this reputation, Stampede have chosen Brick technology to create a bespoke, responsive website that will reflect to its visitors the company's dedication to providing the most reliable and contemporary customer experience.

Far more than just an online shoe store, Stampede work closely with orthotics and podiatry experts to promote the health and comfort of children's' developing feet. The company employ an expertly-trained team of fitters to ensure the perfect size is selected and can offer a range of clear, competent and relevant advice regarding footcare. Customers can then make informed decisions about the range of shoes available, which includes many designer, premium and specialist brands.

The new Stampede website will encourage a large new market of online shoppers who will be able to navigate, browse and purchase with ease from any internet-capable device, thanks to its responsive and adaptive design. Flawless functioning and super-fast loading times combined with contemporary design encourages visitors to interact with HD­/Retina-optimised images of the company's products, browse the various sections and be engaged for longer.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is a matter of simplicity for customers, who can search in a variety of ways and take advantage of the intuitive cross-sections. Simply hovering over the sections reveals a stable drop-down menu that awaits input, completely negating any frustrating accidental clicking. As Stampede have chosen to take advantage of our bespoke, world-class internet marketing package, they will receive the services of a professional copywriter who, along with providing quality dynamic content, will create buzz-generating news articles to attract further visitors to the site.

Experience true quality by visiting www.­stampede4kids.­com and, if you want your business to be represented in this way, call our team to arrange and initial free consultation and review with us. You can contact us on +44 (0)1254 277190.

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