Be Ready for 2014

Smartphones and tablets topped the Christmas gift list this year, further driving the exponential growth in mobile shopping by creating a brand new market of potential customers. As another year of massive leaps in technology draws to a close, it is essential that e-commerce companies respond to changing customer demands in order to fully realise the potential of their business.

When smartphones and tablets were first introduced, it was impossible to predict their ensuing massive popularity. The number of devices sold experiences massive growth year on year, with mobile traffic now accounting for more than 40% of internet use. These figures have huge implications for companies trading online, meaning that a responsive and adaptive website is quickly becoming de rigueur. Internet shoppers continue to grow more discerning in their choice of website; as technology quickly improves, problems with non-responsive websites such as slow loading and incorrect resolution cause users to abandon the website altogether in favour of one that can offer a more contemporary and adaptive experience.

One of the biggest changes in recent technology has been the introduction of HTML5, the newest version of standard internet language; as 2013 comes to an end, more than a billion devices capable of supporting HTML5 have been sold.

Allowing for multi-platform web development and design, HTML5 offers a far better experience than its predecessor. Code can be created that allows a website to function perfectly on whichever device it is accessed from, offering customers who use different devices to access the site a seamless experience across the brand. All modern facilities, such as realtime chat, search front-ends, drag and drop tools and Wikis are supported by HTML5 and are easier and faster to use, increasing the functionality of the website and therefore visitor retention.

Brickweb's custom web design are now creating websites using HTML5 as standard and our expert team are completely conversant with every aspect of the program, receiving constant training to optimise their knowledge. If your e-commerce business needs upgrading to meet the demands of the coming year, now is the time to book your free consultation with us.

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