Atlantis Shuttle Launch

Today Atlantis rocketed into orbit for the last time. Now travelling at around 17,500mph around the earth the space shuttle will be the last launch to mark NASA’s history. Originally it was a government funded space programme which lasted 30 years and now the time is up this one final launch has been an emotional one.

Astronaut Chris Ferguson who is commander of the mission commented from the cockpit of Atlantis right before it was launched into space amidst a cloud of fumes:

 “The shuttle’s always going to be a reflection of what a great nation can do when it commits to be bold and follow through, we’re completing a chapter of a journey that will never end. Let’s light this fire one more time, and witness this great nation at its best.”

This is a 12 day mission where four crew members will hopefully wrap up the construction of the space station delivering a room crammed with a year’s worth of food water and other much needed supplies. Although this is the last launch of the Atlantis mission and there will be no anticipated plans to launch an American spacecraft to the space station for ten years the U.S. will purchase flights on board Russia’s Soyuz system for its astronaut corps.

An exciting launch which has had many people all over the nation glued to their TV screens it is launches such as these which remind us of much smaller scale launches at our Brick technology offices!

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