Are you ready for Cyber Monday?

Ready? Set? Go! That’s right in just seven days you need to be preparing yourself for Cyber Monday! It will take place on 28th November 2011 and will follow Black Friday which is well known for Brick and Mortar sales. Cyber Monday is where exclusive sales and deals are available online.

Officially Cyber Monday is a marketing term which describes the day when online sales go through the roof! A lot of preparation goes into Cyber Monday from shoppers researching where the best bargains will be to online retailers ensuring their website can cope with sales and that any special offers on this date are clearly labelled and set up.

Originally Cyber Monday came from the US, 78% of online shops in 2004 noticed a substantial increase in sales the Monday following Thanksgiving. Within the UK though it is a marketing term and you will hear us mention this in our monthly internet marketing meetings.

Last year a massive £22.4 million pounds was spend each hour online on Cyber Monday and this is pleasing as with the recession it can provide online stores with a sense of relief as online sales this year are due to rise by 29% as the demand for online shopping increases.

As a company who is thinking ahead and being prepared for Cyber Monday you need to think about stock levels; do you have enough stock if there is a demand from the customer.

Think about what special deals you can offer this Cyber Monday – it doesn’t have to be anything big maybe just 10% off selected products. The key is to make a visitor to your web design feel like they are getting a great bargain and a great deal.

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