Are you a weekend Tweeter?

You have done it! You have made it through the week and Friday has arrived and for some it seemed like you would never make it – but you have and it is just another week that you have managed to get out the way.

For many of us it means that work is put on hold until Monday but does that mean that there is now time for social networking.

Are you going to be Tweeting this weekend?

The real question though and something we have already discussed is are you going to be a Twit or a Tweeter?

Will this weekend see another influx of annoying people who want to grab our attention and then go and overdo it with their stupid Tweets and since engaging with them we regret ever doing so? 

They post Tweets at what seems like every second! Filling our various screens with nothing but absolute non-sense and stopping the genuine Tweeter’s Tweets from getting through – wow that is a mouthful!

Should we un-follow?

What is the acceptable amount of Tweets in say a day? Will Twitter ever become spammy, or has it already fallen into the pit of Spam...

This weekend watch out for Brick technology tweets, are we overdoing it? Do you know someone that is overdoing it?

Are you going to be that person, this weekend, which simply crosses the line of over tweeting? I mean do we really need to know that you are in the pub, then a few minutes later that you have got a pint?

A few hours later that you are a bit merry perhaps... from everyone at Brick technology, have a lovely weekend!

Follow Brick on Twitter, are we being a Twit?

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