Apple of the Eye

Since the first model was released in 2007, the Apple iPhone has gone from strength to strength. Recently announced was the release of the newest version: the iPhone 5. As Apple have built an incredible reputation, selling around 315 million iOS devices and 25 billion application downloads, some users have already begun camping out at some of the 362 worldwide Apple retail outlets to be the first to get their hands on the latest creation.

With all the features that iPhone users have come to expect, the iPhone 5 has been upgraded and updated and now boasts a slimmer design, larger screen and a faster chip. The wireless capabilities have also been improved to ultra-fast speeds which do not have a negatively large impact on the life of the battery. Perhaps the most striking feature is the improvement to the Retina display introduced on the iPhone 4S. This innovative technology is at the forefront of modern high-resolution techniques and is set to have a huge impact on businesses and individuals alike. Iphone 5 features a 4-inch display whilst retaining the same width as the iPhone 4. This means users can continue to use the device one-handed but can see more content on the larger canvas and, as Pixel density is so high at 326 pixels per inch, the eye cannot distinguish them individually. Having the effect of making everything look and feel smoother at the stunning 1136 by 640 resolution, the added 18% of pixels bring the definition into vivid, lifelike focus and clarity. When all of this is taken into account with the 44% improvement in colour saturation, the iPhone5 will perhaps be Apple’s most incredible innovation to date.

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