An Early Christmas Present from Brick to You

An Early Christmas Present from Brick to You

In our last article, we explained all of the reasons that YOU need to start thinking about your Christmas Campaigns in order to make YOUR ecommerce website stand out from the pack.

Getting exactly the right image and balancing your workload over the festive period isn't easy but Maria Christmas and her team of excellent elves take all the hard work out of it for you, delivering the perfect Xmas bundle well in time for the big event.

But before you start looking forward to the positive impact a festive makeover will have on your website, first you have to think about getting the visitors to find you in the first place! It may be as simple as leaving out a glass of sherry and mince pie to attract Santa Claus to stop at your house but modern online shoppers are much more savvy and discerning than that proverbial red-and-white-suited old man. So, how DO you get people to discover your swanky, sleek and superior website? SEO is still of vital importance….

If you are anything like the vast majority of internet users, then your first stop in a browsing session is a search engine. If you are still part of the vast majority, then that search engine will be Google. Not to labour the point, but it goes one step further: the vast majority of the vast majority who use Google NEVER proceed beyond page 1 of the search results.

This means that you need to be on page one, preferably in position one, for your product or service. Getting there can be compared to playing football in the pitch dark, while someone keeps moving the goalposts and stealing the ball. Luckily, Brick Web Development Company have got the most powerful floodlights and a big pile of spare footballs so we can make sure you ecommerce website hits the back of the net every time!

If only there were a way that you could get an report on the current quality of your website’s SEO levels. If only it could give you pages of detailed facts and figures that are simple to understand. And if only it could be delivered instantly and for free! Hang on a minutes: that is exactly what we are offering!

Get your FREE, INSTANT and DETAILED SEO report and get ready to coin it in this Christmas!

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