All I Want For 2017 Is....

All I Want For 2017 Is....

2016 has been the biggest year yet when it comes to the saturation of ecommerce, with many records being broken, re-set and then broken once again. As we get ready for the festive period and then the start of 2017, the world of e- and m-commerce websites will grow and develop even further as the digital revolution continues apace.

Making sure that your business is properly represented online is essential and many companies are planning a full redesign of their existing website for 2017, including creating their own mobile app, something that is more and more being seen as essential as  users turn away from mobile internet and spend their time almost exclusively using apps..

Before embarking on such an important project, full and detailed planning should first be made - here is the Brick Web Development Company guide to the questions you should be asking yourself....

Going for Goals

Be clear on what you want to achieve and set these points out clearly to your ecommerce website redesign team. As well as selling products, decide such matters as how you want your intended audience to interact with your company - through social media, e-newsletters, special promotions or a combination? Once all of your objectives are clear, it will be far easier to design the essential architecture of your website and both you and your website visitors will be more satisfied.

View and Review

A full review of your current website will offer a detailed insight of what needs to change. Website visitor analyses should be closely studied - digging deeply into the data to find out such problems as a high number of visitor drop-offs on a particular page can show how that page could be enhanced or removed altogether. All decisions should be made based on concrete data.

Less = More

With the sheer amount of technologies available, it can be tempting to overload the redesigned website with snazzy features that aren’t actually necessary and only serve to distract. It is important to realise that a website is not a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all product and that it will never be completed - web development continues to evolve at a rapid pace and it is far better to work iteratively, focusing on the essentials to start with then making further optimisations later on based on web analytics and visitor feedback.

Keep Calm and Manage Content

Building a website centred on a CMS is now de rigeur and there are many popular standard-feature systems available. Though allowing users to create a basic web presence, these CMSs rarely meet all of the complex needs of an individual business and, to maintain a modern, relevant and appealing website, companies more often choose to use the skills of a reputable digital agency.

Home or Away?

This is most often a question of budget - it is undeniably cheaper to redesign a website from within the company. It must, however, be balanced against the abilities and talents that can be brought by a dedicated digital agency, who will be able to offer an internet marketing expert, copywriter, developer, designer and project manager each of whom will bring objectivity and professionalism to the project.

The Brick Web Development Company team represent an exceptional digital agency in Lancashire and invite you for a free, no-obligation review and consultation of your current website. Here we will show you how we revolutionise the fates of ecommerce websites, transforming, enhancing and improving what you have and expertly supplying what you need.

Call Brick technology Web Design Lancashire today, chat to us live or send an email: 2017 could be your year...

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