AI and the Future of Digital Marketing

AI and the Future of Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers machines to 'think' about, respond to and perform tasks in a human-like manner, as well as helping those machines to adjust to new input and learn from previous experiences.

It offers many benefits which are driving its ever-increasing popularity. These include:

  • Increased precision and accuracy, resulting in fewer errors and thus improving efficiency
  • The extended analysis of data, providing valuable insights into user behaviour
  • An increase in capability of other devices, such as voice assistants, automation systems and GPS tracking technologies
  • Adaption to now inputs via progressive learning algorithms
  • An exceptional ability to analyse data and learn from it

AI is, in particular, changing the way in which digital marketing is approached. From Google's RankBrain to the personalised recommendations from sites like eBay and Amazon, AI is already an integral part of the online experience and this is only going to become truer as time progresses.

AI can improve the effects of digital marketing campaigns in many ways, including:

  • Improving Understanding of your Audience. With the ability to analyse data deeply and totally, AI can help to predict online behaviours that affect the buying decisions of your website visitors
  • Improving User Experience. By providing immediate access to what your audience is looking for, user experience and thus conversion rates are increased
  • Improving Marketing Strategies. The data-driven analysis of AI takes guesswork out of the equation, allowing ever-more effective marketing strategies to be created and launched
  • Improving Productivity. AI algorithms allow many repetitive, time-consuming tasks to be fully automated, saving time and money
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI). By empowering decision-making and assisting in the creation of high-performance content, AI allows to to reach the best audience with the best deals

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