AI and Data Protection

AI and Data Protection

A recent survey carried out by Genpact, a leading professional services firm, has revealed that a significant majority of consumers do not want companies to use AI that "threatens to infringe on privacy, even if customer experience is improved". So, how can companies reassure customers and allay these fears? Here are some tips...

The study polled more than 5,000 consumers from the UK, the USA and Australia and 71% of respondents expressed concern that online privacy may by compromised by the use of AI. This means that, to ensure the viability of AI-driven marketing technology, businesses must show that it can be used responsibly. As AI makes previously-unmanageable amounts of user data actionable for responsible marketers, it is crucial to opt for a transparent data strategy.

Customers need to be educated about AI and that means that YOU need to understand it too. The fear of AI is fear of the unknown and that means that an effective way of allaying such fears is through explanation and education. Consumers are already dependent on AI for myriad applications from voice recognition to data analysis but many are not even aware that AI makes these interactions possible. Once it is made clear that AI already delivers more intelligent services online, fears about privacy will begin to fade.

Many consumers are much more willing to share data in return for cost savings on the products and services of a company. A recent YouGov survey found that 43% of over 1,000 consumers would "exchange personal data with companies to save money through personalized promotions, discounts or deals". The main thing is making customers feel that their data is safe and that means choosing a skilled, experienced and forward-thinking digital agency to represent your business.

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