A Demand for E-Commerce

We could soon see a vast increase in the number of people who choose to buy their products and services online rather than going to the high street.

Sales on the high street were seen to fall by 0.4% in February when compared with last year; further figures indicate that consumers are walking away from their high street stores in mass numbers following the governments hike in VAT from 17.5% to 20%.

Furniture was heading the list of costly goods which were simply not being bought by shoppers, clothing and footwear retailers were next to suffer and this is only the beginning of the struggle for these industries. With the state of the society at the moment people do not want to spend money with jobs hanging in the balance, rising fuel bills and day to day living costs increasing, spending simply isn’t possible.

However, despite the current condition of the economy European online retail sales have grown by 18% in 2010 and are predicted to grow by 13% in 2011 reaching a total of around £80bn as part of a five year forecast.

Did you know that 57% of adults now shop online?

Despite the challenging economy the online retail market, E-Commerce remains strong, which is why now, has never been a better time to start thinking about setting up an E-Commerce website.

Brick technology, web design in Lancashire has an expert team which is determined to get you and your business the online presence that you deserve! Working with you one on one, we can build you a website that is specific to your needs and requirements. With our leading edge web development and internet marketing services an E-Commerce website from Brick is exactly the right step to take.

You get a brilliant Brick E-Commerce website which you can easily update with new products, text, images and there is also a news manager where you can easily add new and exciting content from any computer which has internet access.

Furthermore to this you get an email @­yourcompany.­com these email accounts are managed and supported by us directly, hosting is also looked after by 24/7 maintenance and support from Brick technology. Not just this but you get a top level domain name with its own unique IP address!

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If you have a business that could potentially create an online buzz then look no further than Brick technology for your e-commerce web design and web development.

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