5 Ways to Spring Clean your Website

5 Ways to Spring Clean your Website

You could be forgiven for thinking it's still the winter with the weather we have had recently but the calendar says otherwise! We are more than halfway into the first month of spring and no matter how cold it is there's no excuse for not getting on with some spring cleaning; starting with your website...

Here are five ways to get your website looking and working perfectly:

  1. Do up the design. As you'll no doubt be aware, the internet is a fast-moving and -changing environment so unless you've recently given your website a facelift then the chances are it's looking dated already. For many websites, a few tweaks here and there (a change of font, colour and arrangement etc) will suffice but it's worth thinking about a full update and revamp. Our team can advise and help.

  2. Check your content. Online success depends in large part on keeping website content fresh. Not only does this let visitors know that you're an active and dynamic company, it also reaps rewards from search engine algorithms, which give higher placement in search results to websites that are regularly updated. A blog is a great way to create unique new content and this can be written by our professional copywriter here at Brick as part of our internet marketing package.
  3. Clean your copy. Mistakes can creep into any piece of writing on your website, from product descriptions to company information. Once you have written and uploaded such items, it's easy to forget about them so revisit all copy on your website and check for any spelling or grammatical errors you may have missed. Also check that everything is up to date, particularly on your 'about us' page: you need to be sure that your business is accurately represented. Add some new keywords while you're at it.
  4. Do some decluttering. Get rid of any content that's outdated; things like information on past events or promotions need to go as they take up unnecessary space. Also make sure that all prices and product descriptions are still correct, updating as necessary and adding new information about events and special offers.
  5. Time for testing. Make sure that everything works and, for good measure, check it twice. There should be no broken links and all contact forms should be working properly. The speed of your website should also be tested as internet users are notoriously impatient and a slow website will often mean that a visitor will abandon it completely, resulting in the loss of potential revenue. It is important to carry out the testing process from a range of devices to ensure that an all-round experience is provided to your customers.

For more ideas on how to spring clean YOUR website, get in touch with #TeamBrick today.

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