3 Ways to Boost your Cyber Week Sales

3 Ways to Boost your Cyber Week Sales

The final quarter of the year is the busiest and thus most profitable time for ecommerce retailers. Events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday present amazing opportunities to boost sales, attract new customers and build their brands. If your ecommerce website isn't prepared, it could be catastrophic for your business.

The ecommerce retailers that achieve the best results during Cyber Week are the ones who start preparing early. Obviously, the earlier you start preparing the better but there is still time to make sure that your website is ready for the Christmas buying boom. Here are three ways that Brick technology can help...

Increased Traffic

Using a variety of methods (such as expert search engine optimisation, effective internet marketing campaigns and professional social media management) Brick can dramatically increase the amount of traffic to your ecommerce website. Our unique, custom-built content management system provides powerful tools to track and analyse visitor numbers, sources and behaviours, allowing you to better meet their needs.

Faster Loading Times

Modern internet users expect websites to load quickly, if not instantly: a website that is slow to respond will almost certainly be abandoned, losing you precious business to your competitors. Brick ecommerce websites are designed to load quickly and reliably, no matter whether they are accessed from a mobile, laptop, desktop or all three.

Increased Capacity

A Brick technology website is designed to function at an optimal level, no matter how many visitors are accessing it at any one time. This is essential during Cyber Week, when visitor numbers to ecommerce websites are at an all time high.

The COVID-19 epidemic has further accelerated the shift to online purchasing, with social distancing restrictions making the high street an even less attractive place to shop. If you want to take advantage of this shift during Cyber Week and into the future, you need to invest in your ecommerce strategy. The time is now.

Find out how well your current website is performing by requesting a free, highly-detailed website audit from Brick technology. It will take just a minute of your time and could be the difference between the success or failure of your ecommerce retail company.

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