10 tips for a better newsletter

  1. Use a short but informative subject or title. Subject lines, more than anything else, encourage visitors, Pages and emails are only going to be opened if the subject line gets the viewers attention.
  2. Make sure your email can be read on a mobile device. More and more, your audience will be reading your email on a mobile device. So make sure your email looks good on the iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and Blackberry.
  3. Keep the design simple. "Write a note and lead it back to your target web page, the purpose is to create a desire not to close the deal!
  4. Include pictures if you need to but don’t get too complicated. Keep focussed on the desired outcome of your newsletter. Generally it is not to convert but to encourage the reader to want more information.
  5. Make sure you have something to say! We’ve all seen useless emails and deleted them, we live in a society whereby people have little time, make your content meaningful.
  6. Get to the point. If you’ve got something to say, then do it, don’t ramble.
  7. Provide snippets, not a full sales pitch. Once again, remember your reader has little time, don’t try and close the deal within your newsletter.
  8. Include links. Readers have short attention spans, we’re all busy people so as before get your point across and link it to a target page on your website.
  9. Be consistent. Although not many people will look for your newsletter on the 1st of the month, do be regular, of course if you’re a fancy dress shop, you would probably send 2 newsletters in the month of October.
  10. Proofread your email before sending it. Test and test again. Don’t be hasty. A poorly written article can have more of a negative effect by mis-spelling, being off message etc. Have someone else look over it and make sure that you send it just to yourself first to make sure it looks okay.

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Ken Clarke
Brick's Internet Marketing Director

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